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Data Makes the Difference

In 2016, Forbes noted that research released by the Economist Intelligence Unit reported:

  • 60% of the professionals queried felt data is generating revenue within their organizations, and
  • 83% say it is making existing services and products more profitable

Being able to unlock actionable insights and value from your data depends on how effectively your organization manages and analyzes its data assets.

Is your organization moving ahead – or falling behind?

“Neotropy's implementation of Domo allowed us to quickly gain access to data that use to take us days to compile. We are now expanding our use of Domo to benefit other departments.” 
                      – Rudy Jimenez,
                             Executive Director
                             North East ISD
                             San Antonio, TX
"Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong."

– Suhail Doshi, Co-Founder, Mix Panel
Helping You Uncover the Value of Your Data
Neotropy Associates helps organizations do a better job of managing – and analyzing – their data.

Our data analytics and visualization capabilities, powered by the world-class DOMO business Intelligence platform, brings your data and critical metrics together into a single, automated dashboard providing time-saving convenience and illuminating insights. Did we meintion it works on your phone too?
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Today, data is one of the most vital assets of any organization. It is the fuel that powers improved efficiencies, increased profitability and a sustainable competitive advantage. Neotropy can help your organization clean, structure, and warehouse your data to ensure its integrity and enhance its value, now and in the future.  LEARN MORE
Data Analytics allows you to make smarter, faster decisions by connecting you and your team to the insights you need to better run your business. Our partnership with DOMO provides any size organization the ability to leverage their data and make informed decisions at "the speed of now."  LEARN MORE
Sometimes you don't know where to start. Neotropy Associates' experienced data team can help you evaluate your data resources and develop a data management plan to improve your operational effectiveness. Our goal is to enable you to make better, faster, smarter, data-driven decisions.  LEARN MORE

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